Amusement Park Train For Sale In Saudi Arabia

The amusement park train is one of the kiddie rides. This ride is amusing and practical, so it is favored by a lot of children and adults. The amusement park trains consist of lots of small cabins, which are connected by chains. Park trains have two main types, including track train and trackless train. They are powered by an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. These park trains have different shapes and bright colors. They are usually placed both indoor or outdoor places, such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, shopping malls and some kiddie center. As the professional manufacturer, Beston Group can provide high-quality amusement park train rides for customers.

amusement park train rides
amusement park train rides

Trackless Train Ride for amusement park

Trackless train is a kind of convenient mini park train, also called tourist train. It is suitable for children because of high safety. When children sit on the train, they can experience lots of fun. Meanwhile, adults can also sit on the train, so parents have a chance to accompany with their children more. The first cabin of the train always has an operator, so the train has changeable routes. The driver can take children to different places owing to free controlling.

electric trackless train
electric trackless train

Capacity: 24 children
Max speed: 6.5km/h
Voltage: DC 48V
Power: 3KW
Rear Axle: bigger and strong
Equipment size: 10.5 * 1.16 * 1.92 m

It is easy for people to know the structure of trackless train. Its carriages usually consist of safety latch or chains as safety measures while the train is moving. Mini trackless trains are mainly for children, so they are smaller and have less power than other tourist trains. The max speed of the trackless train is six point five kilometers per hour. The voltage is DC forty-eight voltage. This kind of park train ride has a modern shape and colorful appearance. It can apply to indoor or outdoor places, so buyers do not need to consider too much about space limitation. It can be placed in the community, store, fairground, and an amusement park.

Mini Track Train Ride

Mini track train is designed for children. This product fully considers the safety of children. It is similar to backyard roller coaster. The mini train has an attractive surface and can be designed according to customers’ individual requirement. The most famous one is ocean park train. It has the shapes of dolphins, seals, and fish. These shapes are placed at the top of each cabin. Besides, children can listen to music when the train moves.

Track Train Ride
Track Train Ride

Size: 1 Loco+ 3 Coaches
Track area: 8*10m
Power: 3.5 KW
Voltage: 220V
Cabins: 4
Capacity: 8 persons

Mini ocean amusement park train for sale usually has four carriages, admitting fourteen children. The mini train is controlled by the electric motor, which is quiet, safe, and easily controlled. The speed reducer is used in order to keep the stability. Its carriages are connected together one by one, so the train can move in a line. What is more, this product adopts high-quality FRP material, which is environmental, corrosion-resistant, and durable. The voltage is 220V, and the running height is one point two meters. The mini train is often placed in outdoor place because it needs more space to build a track. When purchasers want to buy a mini-park train with track, they should consider space first. With enough technical support and high-quality raw material, Beston Group wins lots of cooperators from home and abroad.

Ocean Park Train

Capacity: 14
Fence: Φ8m
Equipment size: Φ6m
Running height: 1.2m
Voltage: 220V
Power: 2.5KW
Number of carriages: 4

Main Features of Amusement Park Train For Sale

  • The trackless train is uncontrolled by place limitation because it is powered by the battery. It can move independently, but it needs to charge first. While mini track train is controlled by the electric motor, it is decided by people when to start or end. Both these two trains have their own advantages, so buyers can purchase according to the different place and driving force.
  • Amusement park train rides are widely welcomed by the market, depending on its high safe guarantee and portability. The mini park train does not take up too much space, so we can see it in park, community, even big market. It is convenient for investors to build such an amusement ride. Meanwhile, Beston Group can provide full installment instruction and entire maintenance to buyers. The after-sale service is also an attractive part, because the technical department has experienced technicians to solve the problems. As a professional playground equipment supplier, Beston Group has the strong social responsibility, so it focuses on the quality of amusement park rides. Meanwhile, Beston Group has sufficient foreign trade experience, they can provide entire trade services. It is a wise choice for you to cooperate with our company! Please contact us to get more information about these amusement park train rides.
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