Backyard Roller Coasters For Sale

The backyard roller coaster, also called the mini backyard roller coaster, which can attract a lot of children. Meanwhile, this kind of roller coaster ride has high security. Backyard roller coasters for sale include wacky worm roller coaster, mini shuttle ride, mini dragon roller coaster and happy spray ball car. All of these roller coasters are suitable for children, so children can get lots of joy from these kiddie rides. Beston backyard roller coaster rides are good choice for customers from different countries.

mini backyard roller coasters for sale
mini backyard roller coasters for sale

Different Kinds of Mini Backyard Roller Coasters For Sale

1. Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

The wacky worm roller coaster is one of the absorbing backyard roller coasters. It has cute worm shape and beautiful appearance. Children’s attention is focused on these products easily. As for material, it adopts high-quality FRP. This material is environmental, corrosion-resistant, and stable, so customers are not worried about the quality. Meanwhile, children can enjoy the happy feeling owing to stable speed and comfortable seats. The wacky worm roller coaster is a well-advised amusement ride for children. What is more, this kind of product can be built both indoor and outdoor. This product gets wide praise from people. It is a smart decision to place such an amusement ride in the park.

wacky worm mini roller coaster rides manufacturer
Beston Wacky Worm Small Roller Coasters for Kids
Number of cabins:5
Capacity: 18
Area: 18 * 12 m
Track length: 80m
Running speed: 1.8m/s
Power: 3KW
Voltage: 380V

2. Mini Shuttle Ride

The mini shuttle ride is also one of most popular backyard roller coasters. It is composed of many mini carriages. The mini carriages slide along the overpass track. The track has beautiful lights. So when the mini-shuttle starts, customers can watch cute animal shape train and bright light. It will be more attractive in the night. What is more, this product has music, which adds lots of fun for participants. Mini-shuttle has many types. Customers can change the shape of each carriage because Beston Group can provide the professional design. This product also adopts FRP material. This kind of amusement ride is suitable for indoor and outdoor places. It can become a special scene in an amusement park.

top quality mini shuttle kids roller coaster rides prices
Beston Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster for Kids

Capacity: 20
Number of cars: 10
Track length: 70m
Max height: 1.7 m
Running speed: 1.8m/s
Equipment size: 9 * 16 m
Voltage: 380V
Power: 8KW

3. Mini Dragon Roller Coaster

The Mini dragon roller coaster is a typical backyard roller coaster. It is popular with people because of its vivid shape. The dragon shape is at the beginning of the ride. This product is very absorbing because of the huge dragon head and small carriages. The ride slides on the track, which is higher than the ground. When children sit on seats, they can experience the feeling of flying. Stable and fast speed bring great joy to children and exercise their courage. Mini dragon roller coaster is similar with sliding worm rides. Both of these two rides are based on rail and have same driving force. As for animal shape, Beston company has the ability to satisfy buyer’s need. Mini dragon roller coaster is mainly placed in outdoor places.

quality mini sliding dragon roller coaster rides price in top supplier
Beston Mini Sliding Dragon Roller Coasters for Sale
Capacity: 16 kids
Cabins: 5
Area: 27 * 20 m
Equipment size: 16 * 25 m
Track top height: 2.4 m
Power: 6 KW
Voltage: 380V/220V

4. Happy Spray Ball Car Ride

The Happy spray ball car ride is a new kind of backyard roller coaster. Moving colorful balls is the biggest difference between happy spray ball car and other mini roller coasters. It combines traditional vivid carriages with colorful balls. These balls can improve children’s quick response. When children see these balls, they should pick them up quickly and throw them out. It is attractive for parents and children. Adults also can take part in this activity with their children. It is an interactive ride, so children can be more positive through playing with other children. It is an indispensable part of the park due to its benefits. Besides, this kind of amusement product is suitable for indoor and outdoor. Therefore, buyers do not consider the limitation of places. It is convenient to build such a toddler playground equipment.

Happy Spray Ball Car Ride
Happy Spray Ball Car Ride

Capacity: 12 kids
Height: 2.5 m
Area: 6 * 7 m
Equipment size: 6 * 6 m
Power: 2.5 KW
Voltag: 380V/220V

As a type of popular theme park ride, Beston backyard roller coasters for sale have great advantages. they are suitable for little children because of high safety guarantee. Their interactivity is easy to attract children. These rides can be a useful tool to train children’s character because children have the chance to play with other kids. Beston company puts creativity in an important place, and the research development adds new technology to their products gradually. These products have a wide market in the future, it is intelligent to invest these products.

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