Beston Carousel Ride In Coate d’Ivoire

In December, 2018, We receive a feedback from the Côte d’Ivoire customer. It’s about the Beston carousel ride. At present, this ride has already been installed, and it also starts the test running in the park. 

Beston Carousel Ride In Coate d'Ivoire
Beston Carousel Ride In Coate d’Ivoire

Beston carouse ride is mainly designed for children and adults. They happily ride on the horse, and keep spinning along with the good music. As a type of classic amusement park ride, Beston carousel ride not only brings a lot of fun for people, it also makes money for your amusement park. If you want to buy the high-quality carousel rides from Beston, please contact us online at any time.

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