Bounce Machine

Bounce machine can be suitable for people of all ages to play. This kind of amusement ride has a huge structure, so it exists in outdoor. The ride is safe and stable when it moves so it is favored by lots of people. Beston Group can provide high-quality bounce machines for customers.

Bounce Machine For Sale
Bounce Machine For Sale

Brief Introduction of Bounce Machine

Bounce machine has a big structure and long swivel arms. The whole part is very absorbing and attractive. The whole body and swivel arms have different colors. The main structures include a central axis, swivel arms, and seats. The central axis stands in the central part and has beautiful ornaments on it. The swivel arms have three colors and connect with seats. Each swivel arm has three seats. The swivel arms can tilt and bounce up and down. Mixing movements are attractive of this ride.

This machine is controlled by motor and cylinder. The motor is safe, quiet, and clean. The cylinder controls the bouncing of the machine. The movements of the swivel arms are through the cylinder.

cheap bounce machine from Beston

Capacity: 24 persons
Diameter: 9.9m
Running height: 5m
Voltage: 380V/220V
Power: 46kw
Speed: 7r/min

bounce machine for amusement park
bounce machine for amusement park

Capacity: 24 persons
Diameter: 9.9m
Running height: 5m
Voltage: 380 V/220V
Power: 46 KW
Speed: 7 r/min

Features of Bounce Machines For Sale

  • First of all, bounce machines have an attractive appearance. There are specific ornaments on the machine. The long swivel arms make a circle. Beautiful appearance and huge structure make it become an outstanding part of the amusement park or theme park.
  • Secondly, this ride owns exciting movements. The swivel arms can tilt and rotate. As the machine starts, the passengers can move up and down. It is very exciting because the running height of the machine is five meters. Although the ride has different movements, the whole motion is stable and has the constant speed. With enough safety equipment and constant speed, bounce machine can attract people of different ages.
  • Last, this ride has a huge market. Owing to many advantages, bounce machine ride is popular with participants and buyers. This ride can bring great revenue for the purchasers. For buyers, this ride has enough attraction to appeal people. The new design and interesting movements will increase the general competition of the park.

Why Choose Beston Group?

Beston Group has specialized in producing various types of theme park equipment for many years. The company has experienced technicians and mature management. As for production, the technicians have many years experience. They can produce products with strict steps and inspection. Every amusement ride has its design drawing to maintain the amusement ride. As for management, Beston Group has a mature system for every department.

This company not only pays attention to quality but also stress the importance of the company culture. They hold the belief that talents are the main productivity of a corporation. Meanwhile, they view product quality as the core part of the business. If you want to get more information about bounce machines, then contact us online now. More details will be sent to you quickly.

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