Breakdance Ride for Sale

Breakdance ride is warmly welcomed by people of all ages. Parents can take their children to join this ride together. Break dance ride is also suitable for the whole family to play. This ride mainly consists of hubs, pressure devices, and cabins. The ride is portable, so it can exist in various places, including the amusement park, theme park, and mall. Breakdance ride for sale has absorbing appearance due to different colors and creative design. Beston company has specialized in producing amusement equipment for many years. This company possesses top-rated production team and professional after-sales services. Buyers can choose satisfied products from this company.

breakdance for sale

Main Introduction of Breakdance Rides

Breakdance ride is a kind of amusement ride including different movements. Participants can experience mixing motion during this ride. Breakdance amusement rides mainly include three hubs, three pressure devices, and twelve cabins. Three hubs connect with central axis and cabins. Pressure devices connect with cabins. When the machine starts, the cabins can bounce relying on the pressure devices. The cabins can also rotate by themselves. Participants can control the direction through steering wheels.

Breakdance Ride for Sale
Breakdance Ride for Sale

Model: KTBD-24
Diameter: 9.8 m
Height: 5m
Voltage: 220/380V
Power: 16.5 KW
Number of Cabins: 12
Capacity: 24


The cabins adopt high-quality FRP(fiber reinforced plastics), which is durable, environmental, and corrosion-resistance. The outer part of the cabin looks bright and colorful due to FRP material. There are twelve cabins on this ride. Nine for adults and three for kids. Nine cabins for adults can rotate and bounce. These cabins connect with pressure devices. Three cabins for kids can not bounce. It is mainly designed for children in order to protect their safety, but these three cabins can rotate. Children can control their direction through the steering wheels. Breakdance ride for sale has enough safety equipment to protect passengers, especially for children. This ride can admit twenty-four people, and its running speed is three rounds per minute.

Breakdance ride is also equipped with rhythmic songs. While the ride moves, passengers can listen to music at the same time. This function increases attraction for the ride. Participants can truly free themselves through mixing movements and music. Besides, the central axis and cabins are surrounded by lots of bright lights, therefore, it will be more absorbing in the night. This ride is not difficult to build and does not take too much room, so it can exist in different places. Breakdance rides has a huge market because it is interesting and exciting.

Breakdance Ride

Features Of Breakdance Ride for Sale

1. Absorbing and beautiful appearance;

2. High-quality products;

3. Efficient after-sales services.

Where to Buy Break Dance Rides?

Owing to warmly welcomed by passengers and buyers, break dance ride is more popular than before. As a professional manufacturer of amusement rides, Beston company can provide high-quality break dance rides for customers. This company owns its research and development department, so they will apply the latest technology to their products. Owing to experienced technicians and creative designers, Beston company has the ability to cater to customers’ need. If you have any interest in products, please contact us. We will give your response as soon as possible. Sincerely welcome your inquiry.

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