Bungee Jumping Rides

Bungee jumping is also one of the thrill rides, which brings great exciting feeling for participants. Bungee jumping rides include rocket bungee jumping ride and mini jumping ride. Rocket bungee jumping ride is suitable for adults, and the mini jumping ride is designed for kids. These two kinds of rides have different height and equipment. Rocket bungee jumping ride takes large space but brings extreme excitement for passengers. People can see this ride in the theme park and amusement park. Mini bungee jumping ride is more easy to build and can exist in an amusement park, community, and mall. Beston company can provide high-quality bungee jumping rides for buyers due to the specialized production team.

Bungee Jumping Rides
Bungee Jumping Rides For Sale

Types of Bungee Jumping Rides

Bungee jumping rides mainly include rocket bungee jumping ride and mini bungee jumping ride. These amusement park rides have different target customers. Rocket bungee jumping is popular with young people owing to its thrilling height and dramatic movement. Mini bungee jumping is designed for children, so it is fully considered the safety of the equipment. Mini bungee jumping is more interesting and safe.

Rocket Bungee Jumping

Rocket bungee jumping mainly consists of cables, steel piles, mainframe and passenger-carrying cabin. These main parts support the whole movement of the machine. Rocket bungee jumping ride depends on the motor as driving force. The motor pulls the cables to the highest point. Passengers can experience great thrill because passenger-carrying cabin connects with cables. When cables fly to the highest point relying on driving force, the passenger-carrying cabin can also arrive at the highest point. The whole machine has two huge steel piles as the mainframe. These two steel piles are fixed firmly to maintain the stability. The passenger-carrying cabin bounces back and forth until all the kinetic energy disappears. Bungee jumping ride has sufficient safety equipment, including safety restraint, seat belt. The machine is twenty-four meters and running height is thirty-two meters. The cabin can admit two persons.

Rocket Bungee Jumping Ride
Rocket Bungee Jumping Ride

Running height:32m
Capacity:2 persons
Stationary type

Mini Bungee Jumping Ride

Mini bungee jumping ride is designed for kids. This ride can exercise children’s courage through their playing. Kids need to play this ride independently, they can bounce back and forth on the bouncing mat. Mini bungee jumping ride has a center column, pole, slash, mini electric hoist and elastic belt. Children are tied by elastic belts, so they can jump on the bouncing mat flexibly. This ride is a kind of hot-sale amusement ride due to its portability. It is easy to set up and favored by children. Mini bungee jumping owns four bouncing mats sharing with one central axis. Four kids can play this ride at the same time.

Mini Bungee Jumping Ride
Mini Bungee Jumping Ride

Area: 7.5 * 7.5 m
Equipment size: 7.5 * 7.5 * 7.5 m
Power: 3 KW
Capacity: 4
Voltage: 220V



Features of Bungee Jumping Rides:

1. High-quality products;

2. Various designs

3. Efficient after-sale services

Buying The Top-quality Bungee Jumping Rides From Beston Group

Beston company can provide high-quality rocket bungee jumping ride and mini bungee jumping ride. This company has specialized production team. Their design department can provide design picture according to customers’ need. Besides, Beston company possesses advanced technology and entire foreign trade services. They can offer best services to every customer. Owing to good reputation and high-quality amusement products, Beston company acquires wide praise from customers. If you have any interest in these bungee jumping rides, please leave a message online now. We will give your response as soon as possible.

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