Disk O Ride For Sale

The disk o ride, also called disco ride, flying ufo ride, belong to a kind of thrilling ride. And this ride can be suitable for these places , such as amusement park, theme park and large fairgrounds. Due to attractive appearances and creative designs, the disk o rides are favored by young people. People can get extremely thrilling feelings through these rides. By the way, Beston disk o ride for sale with high quality, low cost and competitive prices.

Disk O Ride for Sale
Disk O Ride for Sale

Introduction of Disk O Ride For Sale

The disk o rides have absorbing appearances. These amusement rides have semicircular tracks and big turntables. The seats are on the edge part of the turntables. Participants can sit on them outwardly. These rides are controlled by motors which are very safe. The main structures are special because these designs are new. These disco amusement rides just own semicircular track and turntables. They do not have other supports.

disco carnival ride
disco ride
Passengers: 24 persons
Area: 27m*10 m
Max Height: 7.5 m
Power: 30 KW
Voltage: 380 V

flying ufo ride

Passengers: 24 persons
Area: 27m * 10 m
Max Height: 7.5 m
Power: 30 KW
Voltage: 380 V

Features of Mega Disk O Rides

  • First of all, disk o rides have thrilling movements. When the machine starts, the turntables will swing back and forth along the track. People sit on the seats outwardly. They not only experience the exciting feelings but also can appreciate the beautiful sight. It is very cool for people to have a try.
  • Besides, these rides have fascinating ornaments, such as colorful and bright lights. The lights connect with the track. The whole part of the machine is very beautiful. With colorful designs, it is easy to attract people’ s attention.
  • The most important thing is safety equipment. Disco amusement rides have sufficient safety guarantee. The track of disco ride is not very long compared with roller coaster rides so people do not consider too much of the time. People can get a thrilling feeling in a short time. If you have enough courage, you can try this ride bravely.

How Does The Flying Disco Ride Work?

The flying disco ride can swing and rotate together when the machine starts. The turntable can swing back and forth and rotate 360 degrees at the same time. Two different kinds of movements bring great exciting feeling to participants. When the movements end, these rides can stop slowly. Passengers can have a joyful end.

flying disco ride
flying disco ride from Beston Group

Benefits of Beston Company

As a reliable amusement equipment manufacturer, Beston owns efficient production team and sales team. Beston company respects talents. The technicians are skillful and experienced. They have a strict quality inspection and product information. The sales team of  is also very perfect. They have sufficient product knowledge and know entire process of foreign trade system. They can provide the most useful help to the customers. After-sale services are also important parts. When buyers get their satisfied amusement rides, Beston will offer after-sale help to their buyers. Owing to high-quality products and sincerely services, Beston has won a number of customers from home and abroad.

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