Family VR Rides For Sale

The family VR rides are suitable for the whole family to play together, which mainly include VR pirate boat, and parent-offspring shooting. Both these two rides are interesting and attractive. These VR amusement rides are suitable for indoor amusement park, movie theater, and mall. Beston can provide high-quality family VR rides for customers.

Family VR Rides
Family VR Rides for Sale

Different Types of Family VR Rides

Family VR amusement rides have VR pirate boat and parent-offspring shooting. Each one is very absorbing.

VR Pirate Boat

On one hand, VR pirate boat has music equipment and is full of technological atmosphere. Parents can help children know more latest information through VR pirate boat. This ride can admit two persons at the same time.Parents can take their children fight against with pirate. It not only brings a bunch of fun for participants but also exercises the courage of kids.

VR Pirate Boat
VR Pirate Boat

Size: 230cm*160cm*199cm
Capacity: 2 persons
Load capacity: 260kg
Machine weight: 460kg
Voltage: 220v
Power: 0.9kW

On the other hand, this ride has an axis of movement with multiple degrees. The overall material is FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), which looks bright and colorful. The main moving direction is up and down. This movement brings a real environment for people. Meanwhile, this ride has a 32-inch monitor, which is very clear.

Parent-offspring Shooting Ride

Parent-offspring shooting is fascinating and absorbing. This ride has a creative design and is favored by adults and kids. The colorful appearance brings a fairy world for the whole family. This ride can admit seven people at most, so the whole family can enjoy the fun at the same time.

Parent-offspring Ride
Parent-offspring Ride

Size: 340cm*310cm*220cm
Capacity: 7 persons
Voltage: 220v
Power: 0.5kW

This ride owns 2 types of games so that parents and children can have a fun in the virtual world. The ride has VR glasses and shooting equipment. People can truly feel the situation when they wear VR glasses. The family can compete with each other through the shooting equipment. If you want to invest a new amusement ride, VR will be a good choice.

Features of Beston Family VR Ride

1. Innovative design and colorful appearance.

2. Different types of games.

3. Entire after-sale help from Beston teams.

Why Choose Beston Company?

Beston company has specialized in producing amusement park rides for many years. First of all, this company has top-rated talents. The workers of this company have skillful experience. Besides, the company pays great attention to the quality of the products and they choose qualified materials. As for VR amusement rides, Beston company masters core skills. Their research and development department can offer new types of products to customers gradually.

Secondly, Beston company has mature foreign trade system. They have established friendly cooperation with overseas customers. So if buyers choose Beston company, they can enjoy best services and after-sale help.

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