Gyroscope Ride for Sale

As a kind of the popular ride, the gyroscope ride for sale is suitable for people of all ages. It can exist in outdoor and indoor places because it is portable. For the The main structure includes a support frame, three-dimensional rings, and cabins. It is common to see this ride in an amusement park, theme park, and mall. With simple design and structure, Beston gyroscope rides have become more and more popular in the market.

Gyroscope Ride For Sale
Gyroscope Ride For Sale

Main Introduction of Human Gyroscope Ride

The human gyroscope ride owns small structure and it is very easy to operate. So buyers can invest less and get lots of return. Gyroscope ride has three-dimensional rings, seats, safety restraints and support frame. The most attractive parts of human gyroscope are three-dimensional rings. These rings have three colors. The inner ring connects with seats. So when the ring turns around, the seats can also turn around. Participants can experience 360-degree rotation and weightlessness. The color of rings can be customized and seats can also be adjustable according to customers’ requirement. Each seat is equipped with safety restraint to ensure the safety of participants. This ride is controlled by an electric motor, which is clean, quiet, and easily controlled.

Beston gyroscope for sale
Beston gyroscope for sale with 6 people

Capacity: 6 people

Size: 4.25*2.2 m

Height: 3.3 m

Powder: 3 KW

Voltage: 380V

human gyroscope ride
human gyroscope ride with two people

Capacity: 2 people

Size: 3.8*2.2 m

Height: 2.9 m

Powder: 1.5 KW

Voltage: 380V

gyroscope amusement ride with four people
gyroscope amusement ride with four people

Capacity: 4 people

Size: 3.8*2.2 m

Height: 2.9 m

Powder: 2.5 KW

Voltage: 380V

Besides, this ride has music and colorful lights. It will be more beautiful and interesting to try this ride in the night. With rhythmic music and dramatic movements, the gyroscope amusement ride is widely popular with people. The running height of this ride is one point eight meters and turning speed is three rounds per minute.

Features of Gyroscope Amusement Ride

  • Exciting movement;
  • Adjustable seats;
  • High-quality products;
  • Rhythmic music and bright lights;
  • Efficient after-sales services.

Where to Buy Gyroscope Rides

Owing to many advantages, Beston human gyroscope rides have won lots of praise from buyers. It is suitable for different places, even in malls. So people do not consider too much about space. Due to the advanced production shop and technology, Beston company can provide high-quality theme park equipment for customers. With high-quality products and efficient after-sales services, Beston company acquires a number of customers from home and abroad. Therefore, if you want to buy the high-quality human gyroscope ride, then choosing Beston Group is a smart choice.

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