Kiddie VR Rides For Sale

As an important part of VR amusement rides, kiddie VR rides brings lots of fun for the whole family. These rides not only have latest designs but also adopt digital technology. They exist in indoor places because they are controlled by computers. People can see these rides in a movie theater, mall, and other indoor places. Beston Kiddie VR rides for sale include bumblebee super joy ride, angry bee ride, and kid pirate boat ride.

Kiddie VR Amusement Rides For Sale
Kiddie VR Amusement Rides For Sale

Types of Kiddie VR Rides For Sale

Kiddie VR amusement rides have different types and each one has its own features. The following is their detailed information.

Bumblebee Super Joy Ride

Bumblebee super joy rides are mainly designed for children over five years old. These rides create a fairy world for kids. They can experience a dream journey through these rides. These rides mainly swing back and forth. When kids ride on the seat, they will experience great joy. Besides, they can play games on the screen. Each ride admits one child. Attractive design and colorful appearance bring a new world for kids.

Bumblebee Super Joy Ride
Bumblebee Super Joy Ride

Capacity: 1 people
Load capacity:  100KG
Voltage:  220v
Power: 0.6kW
Dynamic way:  Swing
Pillar size: 65 * 61 * 170cm
Size: 120 cm * 74 cm * 73 cm

Angry bee Ride

This kind of ride is designed for the kids from three years old to twelve years old. This ride consists of beautiful appearance and cute bee shape. Besides, this ride is interactive. It can exercise kids’ mental and hands-on ability. When children play these rides, they need to hit the target. Therefore, children can get fun and exercise their response-ability from these rides. The bright color and interesting games will bring great fun for kids.

Angry Bee Ride
Angry Bee Ride

Capacity: 1 people
Load capacity: 200kg
Machine weight: 250kg
Voltage: 220V
Power: 0.3Kw
Size: 290 cm * 150 cm * 200 cm

Kiddie Pirate Boat Ride

Kiddie pirate boat ride has absorbing design and interesting shooting game. Kids can fight against with virtual pirates. They have the chance to challenge difficulties and solve problems on their own so this ride provides a new way for kids to play and improve their abilities. It is a kind of competitive game. This ride can admit two persons. Therefore, parents can take their kids together.

Kid Pirate Boat
Kid Pirate Boat

Capacity: 2
Voltage: 220v
Power: 0.4Kw
Size: 130 cm * 85 cm* 86 cm
Pillar size: 61 * 65 * 170 cm

Advatages of Beston Company

  • First of all, Beston Company has sufficient foreign trade experience. As a professional supplier of amusement park equipment, Beston company can provide abundant of rides. What is more, many of amusement rides can be customized. Buyers can choose products according to their local hobbies, such as shape, color, and ornaments.
  • Secondly, Beston team has its own research and development department. In order to have strong competition, Beston always follows the trend of technology. For example, VR amusement rides are new amusement products. These rides have great potential in the market. They are connected with the latest information and high-quality materials, so people can get a unique experience from these rides.
  • Thirdly,  Beston team focuses on the requirements participants. For kiddie VR amusement rides, Beston company pays more attention to colors and designs. Bright and colorful appearances are more popular with children. Meanwhile, kiddie VR rides have interactive games which increase the response abilities of kids. With enough advantages, Beston company is always the choice for buyers.
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