Mini Dragon Roller Coaster Ride

For a lot children, the mini drag roller coaster ride is very attractive. A dragon-shaped ornament drags a set of cabins along the irregular track. When the ride starts to run, the quick speed will bring exciting feeling for passengers. It is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, and tourist spots. As the professional manufacturer, Beston Group can design various dragon roller coasters for sale.

Mini Dragon Roller Coaster Ride
Mini Dragon Roller Coaster Ride

Features of Mini Dragon Roller Coaster Ride

At first, the mini dragon roller coaster ride for sale has beautiful designs, such as yellow styles, red styles, and blue styles. These three types have little differences in appearances. People can choose what they like and can ask different designs.

The fascinating structures include long and irregular track and absorbing cabins. The driving force is the electric motor, which is very convenient. People can control them easily. What is more, the speed of the rides is very fast. The running speed is three point five rounds per minute. It is easy for passengers to experience exciting feeling and reduce pressure.

Mini Dragon Roller Coaster For Kids
Mini Dragon Roller Coaster For Kids

Capacity: 16 persons
Equipment size: 16 * 25 m
Area: 27 * 20 m
Track top height: 2.4 m
Power: 6 KW
Cabins: 5
Voltage: 380/220V

dragon coaster
Beston dragon coaster

Capacity: 16
Cabins: 5
Track Size: 90m/120m(adjusted)
Height: 1.9m
Speed: 1.8m/s
Powder: 6KW
Voltage: AC380V, 50Hz

How to Choose the Right Amusement Park Rides?

  1. People of all ages want to try amusement rides. Amusement rides have different types, such as kiddie rides, thrill rides, popular rides, and VR rides. Kiddie rides are suitable for the kids. These kinds of rides have colorful designs and enough safety guarantee. Parents can play with their children together. Popular rides have different types. These rides are interesting. They are suitable for the whole family to play together. Thrill rides are mainly for adults. These kinds of rides are thrilling and exciting. Young people can get extreme joy from the rides.
  2. For kids, amusement park trains and self-control series are good choices. These rides have bright colors and sufficient safety guarantee. Children can control them easily.
  3. For young people, thrill rides will be the good choices. Extreme height and huge structures can bring great fun for young people. For example, roller coaster rides and pirate ship rides are representative amusement rides.
red dragon roller coaster
red dragon roller coaster

Where to Buy Top-quality Mini Dragon Roller Coasters?

If you are looking for quality mini dragon roller coasters, then you can consider to choose Beston. This company has great advantages in the field of amusement rides. Firstly, Beston has top-rated technicians. The workers have rich experience. What’s more, Beston focuses on the quality mostly. They always hold the value that product quality is the life of a company. Besides, Beston also has great advantages on price. Beston has its own factory and sells goods to buyers directly. Efficient after-sale services are their strengths. Beston believes that best services are the important parts of the whole business. Please don’t hesitate to contact Beston now! And we will give you a free quote at any time!

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