Paratrooper Ride For Sale

The paratrooper ride, also known as umbrella ride, is favorited by children and adults. As a kind of popular ride, this ride can rotate 360 degrees and bring lots of fun for participants. Beston paratrooper ride for sale can be placed indoor and outdoor places, such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, and funfairs.

paratrooper ride for sale
paratrooper ride for sale

Introduction of Paratrooper Ride For Sale

The paratrooper rides are very attractive. Their main structures include swivel turntable, connecting rods, seats, and safety restraints. The swivel turntable can rotate 360 degrees and tilt. The connecting rods are connected with swivel turntable and seats. Each seat has safety restraint to protect participants. This ride can admit 16 persons and the height of equipment is 3.6 meters.

paratrooper fair ride
paratrooper fair ride

Capacity: 16
Area: Φ10m
Diameter: 7.8m
Equipment size: Φ7.5m
Running height: 1.9m
Power: 7.5KW
Voltage: 380/220v

paratrooper amusement ride
paratrooper amusement ride

Capacity: 24
Diameter: 8.5m
Area: Φ12m
Power: 8.5kw
Running height: 1.9m
Voltage: 380/220v

When the machine rotates, passengers can experience the feeling of flying. Tilting and rotating make passengers like flying in the sky. The color and picture can adjust according to customers’ need. Each cabin has its color, so the whole machine is colorful and attractive when the ride moves. The paratrooper ride is surrounded by bright lights, which is more absorbing and fascinating. Small-typed paratrooper rides are easy to set up and do not take too much space. People can see these amusement rides in an amusement park, theme park, and fairground.

Main Features of Paratrooper Amusement Ride

  • There are 8/10/12 arms for customers to choose.
  • It is enough safe for passengers.
  • Its’ speed is adjustable.
  • This ride can rotate 360 degrees, and it can automatically rise and decline rapidly.
paratrooper carnival ride
paratrooper carnival ride

Where to Buy The Quality Paratrooper Rides?

As the professional amusement equipment manufacturer, Beston Group offers various types of paratrooper rides for sale. These paratrooper rides are suitable for people of different age groups. These rides own wide market because of attractive appearance, so buyers can get great revenue from these rides. Beston Group can produce qualified amusement park equipment due to advanced technology and skillful technicians. Owing to abundant of experience, Beston Group has established long-term cooperation with many overseas customers.

If you have any interest in paratrooper ride or want to get more information, please contact Beston at any time. More details will be sent to as soon as possible.

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