Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

The pirate ship ride belongs to one kind of thrill rides, which is mainly designed young people. This ride brings exciting feeling for passengers owing to fast speed and movement. Pirate ship rides for sale includes large-sized and mini pirate ship. The mini pirate ship is designed for children, so the height and speed are different from large-sized pirate ship ride. These pirate ship rides can be placed in a theme park, amusement park and other outdoor places.

Luxury Pirate Ship Ride
Luxury Pirate Ship Ride

Different Types of Pirate Ship Rides For Sale

The pirate ship rides mainly include large-sized pirate ship ride for young people and mini pirate ship ride for children. Although the two kinds of amusement rides are similar, they also have some differences in height and speed. Besides, the design of mini pirate ship ride is more colorful. The following is their detailed introduction:

1. Large-sized Pirate Ship Ride

Large-sized pirate ship ride is mainly designed for adults. This kind of ride has fast speed and big swing angle, so participants can feel extremely thrilling from this ride. Large-sized pirate ship ride includes support arm, suspension system, and protection chain. The main color is blue in order to give participants the feeling of traveling sea. The maximum swing angle of this ride is forty-three degrees. The cabins can admit twenty-four people, and each cabin has protection chain and safety belt. Most attractive part of the pirate ship ride is the ornaments of the ship. For example, dragon ship ride has a big dragon ornament. It is very absorbing. The main shape and ornaments can be customized.

Large-sized Pirate Ship Ride
Large-sized Pirate Ship Ride

Area: 12 * 8m
Height: 7m
Voltage: 220/380V
Power: 11.5KW
Max Swing Angle: 43°
Number of Cabins: 6
Capacity: 24

2. Mini Pirate Ship Ride

Mini pirate ship ride is mainly designed for children. This ride has a colorful appearance and beautiful ornaments. Many animal shapes and trees are set on the ship ride. So it is popular with children. Mini pirate ship ride has a similar structure with large-sized pirate ship ride. The mini pirate ship also has support arm, suspension system, and protection chain. Moreover, mini pirate ship ride possesses protective fence on the boat. Mini pirate ship ride can admit eight to twelve children and the running height is one point seventy-five meters. This ride does not take up too much space and it is portable to build. Mini pirate ship ride is interesting and exciting, so it will be a representative ride in amusement parks.

Mini Pirate Ship Ride
Mini Pirate Ship Ride

Area: 7 * 6m
Equipment Size: 5 * 4m
Height: 3.5m
Voltage: 220/380V
Power: 4KW
Capacity: 8~12

Benefits of Pirate Ship Amusement Rides

  • At first, pirate ship rides have attractive designs. The big ship themed cabins are very absorbing. These rides have different styles, including luxury style, Viking style, and mini style. Mini styles have different types, such as cartoon style, animal styles. Mini styles are mainly for kids because mini types have small swinging angles. The speed is also slower than the big types.
  • Secondly, these rides have enough safety equipment. The common types have the safety restraints and safety belts to protect participants. The mini types add protective fences to the rides. When the machine starts, the protective fences will offer double protection to kids. In order to protect children, different types adopt different angels.
  • Lastly, the sizes and designs can be customized. People of different countries and areas are influenced by different cultures and have their own flavors. Beston Group has professional design team so people can choose their favorite types. The design team can offer different seats to customers. Buyers can choose big, middle, and small types.
Beston amusement park pirate ship
Beston amusement park pirate ship

Where to Buy High-quality Pirate Ships

Beston pirate ships for sale has a huge market due to thrilling feeling. People can get rid of pressure through playing this ride. Nowadays, more and more people want to challenge themselves through different extreme activities, so pirate ship ride can cater for this trend. Beston Group can provide high-quality theme park equipment for customers. Because this company owes strict quality inspection, and the main materials of the product are equipped with quality reports. Besides, Beston Group has an entire foreign trade system and efficient after-sale services to support foreign trade business.

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