Roller Coaster Rides For Sale In Saudi Arabia

With extremely thrilling feeling and ultimate flying process, the roller coaster ride is favored by young people. It is a kind of outdoor amusement rides and suitable for the theme park, amusement park. The roller coaster rides for sale mainly consist of track and cabins. Beston offers different kinds of roller coasters for customers, including three-ring roller coaster, four-ring roller coaster, six-ring roller coaster, and large-suspended roller coaster.

Roller Coaster Rides for Sale
Roller Coaster Ride for Sale

Introduction of Amusement Park Roller Coaster Ride

Roller coaster ride includes a form of elevated railroad track. This track is full of tight turns, steep slopes, and some inversions. The open cars move on the track. People sit on the open cars to experience thrilling feeling and see the beautiful sight. The track of roller coaster is not a complete circuit and includes imbalanced shapes. And this ride has two main ways to move. One kind of roller coaster is equipped with a lift hill. The roller coaster ride is pulled up with a chain or cable along the lift hill to the first peak of the coaster track. After passing the first peak, the ride can move by itself relying on the gravity and inertia force.

The other way to start the device is to use launch mechanism. The launch mechanism includes a flywheel launch, linear induction motors, linear synchronous motors, hydraulic launch, compressed air launch or drive tire.

Different Types of Roller Coasters For Sale

Roller coaster rides for sale have different types due to some functions. Each one has its own absorbing part, so purchasers can choose favorable one according to their need. Roller coaster rides have different types due to track length, moving speed and the highest point. Each one owns its traveling feeling.

three-ring roller coaster ride
three-ring roller coaster ride

Track Length: 500m
Height: 24m
Capacity: 24 People
Maximum Speed: 75km/h
Ride Time: 100s/round
Area: 115m*45 m
Power: 90kw
Voltage: AC 380V

Four-ring Roller Coaster Ride

Four-ring roller coaster ride has four cabins and admits sixteen persons. Each cabin is equipped with sufficient safe guarantee, and everyone has the safety belt. The track length is five hundred meters. The highest point is twenty-five point five meters and the fastest speed is seventy kilometers per hour. Four-ring roller coaster ride is one of the popular roller coasters.This ride exists in the theme park and amusement rides park. It brings fun for passengers.

Four-ring Roller Coaster
Four-ring Roller Coaster

Track length: 500m
Highest point: 25.5m
Train Number: 4 cars
Capacity: 16 persons
Highest speed: 70km/h
Total power: 75kw
Area: 90*40m
Voltage: AC 380V

Six-ring Roller Coaster Ride

The six-ring roller coaster is more adventurous. It has six cabins and admits twenty-four participants. Its track length is seven hundred and twenty-five meters and the highest point is thirty-three meters. The fastest speed is eighty kilometers per hour. The six-ring roller coaster is more exciting and thrilling because it is longer and higher.

Six-ring Roller Coaster
Six-ring Roller Coaster

Track Length: 725m
Highest Point: 33m
Train Number: 6 cars
Capacity: 24 persons
Highest Speed: 80km/h
Power: 120kw
Voltage: AC 380V

Large-suspended Roller Coaster Ride

Large-suspended roller coaster ride is one of the scariest one. Its track length is seven hundred and eighty-eight meters and the highest point of the track is thirty-three meters. The fastest speed is eighty kilometers per hour. This ride has enough safe guarantee. Besides, if people have strong physical and psychological tolerance, they can get lots of fun through this activity.

The motion of roller coaster ride is based on the gravity and inertia force. When the roller coaster ride finishes its route, the braking device stops the motion. Gas pressure from brake cylinder controls the speed of deceleration. Each cabin is tied together closely to guarantee the safety of passengers. Through strict quality inspection and development of technology, people have the chance to free themselves from the extreme activity.

Large-suspended Roller Coaster
Large-suspended Roller Coaster
Track length: 788m
Track highest point: 33m
Cabins: 10
Capacity: 20 persons
Fastest Speed: 80Km/ h
Total Power: 120Kw
Area: 150*80m
Voltage: AC 380V


Features of Roller Coaster Rides For Sale

  • Various types
  • Extreme traveling feeling
  • High-quality products
  • Sufficient safe guarantee
  • Mature foreign trade system

Tips on How to Overcome the Fear of Roller Coaster

Firstly, you should make sure whether you have physical unfitness or not. If you can not take such rides, you had better try another one. If you do not have enough courage, here are some suggestions for you. You can build up your confidence gradually and then try it. Confidence is the main factor when you want to try thrilling rides. During this process, people can adjust their emotions. Participants can take a deep breath to relax.

Secondly, you can talk to other close people. If you feel nervous, you can talk to your partners. They can reduce your anxiety and encourage you. The sharing of experience can improve your courage. You can also search for help online. People will share lots of experience with you. When you know enough information about roller coaster rides, you will not feel anxious so much. If you try these kinds of rides constantly, you will acquire abundant of courage.

Finally, you should be familiar with the regulations before you play these rides. Each ride has its own regulations. If you know the notices of the rides, you can prepare for the games before you try them. With enough preparation, participants can enjoy these rides happily.

roller coaster design
roller coaster design

Where to Buy The Cheap Roller Coasters?

With strict quality inspection and high demand of place, Beston roller coasters are famous for its’ rarity and extreme experience. As the professional manufacturer of amusement park equipment, Beston has the ability to provide high-quality roller coaster for buyers. This company possesses mature foreign trade system and specialized research and development team. Besides, Beston company can offer efficient after-sale services for customers. If you want to get more information, you can contact us through inquiry.

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