Sky Tower Ride For Sale

The sky tower ride, also called swing tower ride, flying tower ride, sky swing ride, is mainly designed for young people who want to seek thrilling feelings. This ride has huge structure because of its height. It is a kind of outdoor amusement ride. People can build it in a theme park, amusement park, and fairgrounds. As a professional supplier of amusement rides, Beston company is a good choice.

Sky Tower Ride For Sale
Sky Tower Ride For Sale

Brief Introduction of Sky Tower Ride

About the structures of sky tower ride. This ride has huge structure,  which includes pivoting support, tracking system, braking system, electrical system and wire ropes. Pivoting support can revolve 360 degrees around the tower. The seats connect with pivoting support through wire ropes. When the pivoting support swivels, the seats can also spin. The seats rise up through the traction system. The braking system can adjust the speed of the whole ride. As for the electrical system, this part is the main motor of this ride.

The design is also an outstanding part. The high tower can attract people’s attention easily. The central axis has different colors and beautiful ornaments with various shapes. The whole ride looks marvelous and attractive. Therefore, if you want to set up a large-scale amusement park ride, the sky tower ride may be a good choice.

sky swing ride
sky swing ride

Capacity: 36 persons
Cabins: 18
Device height: 52m
Service height: 45m
Rotational speed: 10r/min
Total power: 100Kw
Area: 30*30m
Rotary Diameter: 32m

swing tower ride
swing tower ride

Capacity: 24 persons
Height: 38m
Power: 70kw
Materials: FRP & Steel
Rotating Speed: 8r/min
Voltage: 380v

flying tower ride

Capacity: 36 persons
Height: 48m
Power: 75kw
Materials: FRP& Steel
Rotating Speed: 10r/min
Voltage: 380v

How Does Swing Tower Ride Work?

At first, the traction system will pull the pivoting support up. The pivoting support swivels at the same time. When the seats rise up to a certain height, the pivoting support will fall down. Last, the ride will stop when the seats reach the fixed place.

The style of movement is quick free falling. When the ride starts, the seats rise up through the traction system. As the pivoting support reaches the certain point, it will fall down. People sit on the seats with enough safety guarantee. The seats will fall down quickly as the pivoting support. Participants will experience extremely thrilling feeling through these movements. Quick free falling and spinning create mixing feelings for passengers.

Features of Sky Tower Rides For Sale

  • The design of sky tower ride is an important part. Outstanding appearance is one of its strengths. The simple structure is easy to remember. The tower has different colors. Bright colors make this ride more attractive. Colorful ornaments are very special.
  • The following is about its movements. Free falling movement is its features. This movement derives from the physical phenomenon. Designers combine the amusement with physical knowledge. When people try this ride, they can experience the natural power.
  • The height of this ride is its most attractive part. Many thrill rides have exciting movements. But sky tower ride not only has exciting and mixing movements but also has incomparable height. The height can bring extreme pleasure than other rides.
Beston Sky Tower Ride
Beston Sky Tower Ride

Why Choose Beston Company?

Beston Company has specialized in producing theme park equipment for many years. This company pays enough attention to product quality and creativity. The production team treats every amusement ride seriously. All products have the strict inspection. The products have qualified certificates. Product quality is the life of a company, so Beston Company puts this part in the prior place. Creativity is another strong point of the company. Beston Company has common popular amusement rides and VR rides. If you want to get more information about sky tower ride, please contact us online now! At the same time, welcome to visit our factory!

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