Tagada Rides

Disco tagada rides are very popular and interesting, and they are suitable for people of all age groups. The tagada ride for sale mainly consists of a big turntable and protective fence. These rides are portable to set up, so people are easy to see them in an amusement park, theme park, and mall. As the professional amusement rides manufacturer, Beston has the ability to provide high-quality tagada rides for sale.

Tagada Rides
Tagada Rides

Main Introduction of Disco Tagada Ride

Tagada ride includes turntable and protective fence. The turntable is covered by the air cushion. The air cushion can protect participants from injuring. The cushion is soft and thick, so passengers will not hurt themselves when they fell down on it. This kind of cushion is also very beautiful. The color can be customized. The protective fence is also soft. When the machine starts, participants can hold this fence to keep balance. With protective equipment, participants can totally enjoy the fun of this ride if they obey the safety notice.

The main driving forces of tagada fair ride include an electric motor and a cylinder. The electric motor is the main control part. It is quiet, clean and easily controlled. The electric motor provides enough energy for the machine. The cylinder is also an important control part of tagada. The cylinder controls the tilting of this ride. With the control of cylinder, participants can experience the rolling and tilting movements of this ride. Besides, this ride can rise up and fall down abruptly. These movements increase excitement for passengers.

Tagada Ride For Sale
Tagada Ride For Sale
Area: 12 * 8 m
Turntable diameter: 5m
Height: 5m

Advantages of Tagada Rides For Sale

Tagada rides also include rhythmic music. When the machine moves, people can listen to songs. And this ride has high-power audio and colorful lights. People can watch beautiful lights in the night. This ride does not take too much space, so it is portable for buyers to build. And these tagada rides can be placed in the mall, amusement park and theme park. Maybe it is wise to put the tagada ride in the mall because of too many people. Strongly rhythmic music and mixed movements can attract people’s interest when they see it. This ride is a good choice for buyers due to wide popularity.

mini Tagada ride
mini Tagada ride

Capacity: 8
Size: 5*6 m
Height: 3.5 m
Speed: 1.6 m/s
Power: 13 KW
Voltage: AC 380V, 50HZ

Where to Buy The Tagada Rides?

Owing to good response of customers, tagada ride has become one of the most popular rides. This ride possesses huge market due to its portability and excitement. Beston can provide high-quality products to every customer because this company has specialized in producing amusement rides for many years. The company can provide complete foreign trade services for customers owing to mature foreign trade system. Beston has many overseas cooperators because it has advanced technology and skillful technicians. This company pays great attention to product quality and innovation. If you have any interest and want to know more information about the disco tagada ride, please contact us online now.

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