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Do you know what the theme park is? The theme park, also referred to an amusement park. But it often features multiple areas with different themes. In terms of theme parks, their structures and attractions around a central theme. Compared to the mobile carnivals and funfairs, the theme park is fixed and can run for a long time. The theme parks are so popular that they can be widely seen in the world. Almost every city has been built one theme park.There are various kinds of theme park rides for people of different age groups, such as theme park trains, theme park kiddie rides, theme park thrill rides, theme park family rides, theme park VR rides and other new theme park rides. If you want to learn more about theme park equipment, please continue reading this article now.

Various Types of Theme Park Rides For Sale

Theme park rides have a number of types. Each one has its own features and brings different experience for passengers. The following are the details.

Track Train Rides

Track train rides have a long track and a set of cabins. The total designs are very absorbing, mainly including ocean types, animal types, and Thomas types. The rides are controlled by electric motors, which are very convenient to manage. Children can get lots of fun from these rides. The shapes and colors can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Ocean Park Train Rides
Ocean Park Train Rides

Capacity: 14
Fence: Φ8m
Equipment size: Φ6m
Running height: 1.2m
Voltage: 220V
Power: 2.5KW
Number of carriages: 4

Portable Trackless Train Rides

Trackless train rides are practical and easy to see in our life. The rides have attractive appearances and can be used as cars. The driving force is the battery so the train rides can drive to different places flexibly. People can apply these rides to communities, parks, and malls. Owing to its practical functions, trackless train rides have bright future in the market.

Trackless Train Ride
Trackless Train Ride

Capacity: 24 children
Equipment size: 10.5 * 1.16 * 1.92 m
Max speed: 6.5km/h
Voltage: DC48V
Power: 3KW
Rear Axle: bigger and strong

Star-themed Swing Rides

As one of the swing rides, star-themed swing rides are new types. These rides adopt blue styles. The bright lights are around the whole rides. When you play these rides in the night, you will watch different sight. Each seat is equipped with safety equipment and running height is very suitable.

Star-themed Swing Ride
Star-themed Swing Ride

Capacity: 16
Equipment Diameter: 5.5m
Height: 5 m
Running height: 1.5m
Voltage: 220/ 380V
Power: 3.5 KW
Speed: 1.8 m/s, adjustable

Happy Car Rides for Sale

Happy car rides have simple structures and people can control them easily. Participants can move these rides to different places through their controllers. The rides also have sufficient safety equipment to protect passengers. Small-sized bodies are convenient to place in different places.

Happy Car Ride
Happy Car Ride

Capacity: 2 seats
Size: 1.58m*1.4m*1.4m
Power: 90W
Battery: Rated voltage 24v, 40AH
Weight: 160kg
Average Speed: 8r/m

New Carp-shaped Rides

New carp-shaped rides have interactive games. The rides have big turntables, and carp-shaped cabins are around the central turntables. The cabins can rotate 360 degrees around the center. Passengers can play with each other with water spraying equipment. If you want to choose an interesting and safe ride, you can consider carp-shaped rides.

New Carp-shaped Ride
New Carp-shaped Ride

Capacity: 12 persons
Height: 2.6m
Running speed: 3r/m
Voltage: 220/380V

Mini Ferris Wheel Rides

Mini Ferris wheel rides are mainly designed for kids. These rides have beautiful designs and safe cabins. Colorful appearances attract kids’ attention. These rides are portable to set up and people can build them in amusement parks, theme parks, and communities.

Mini Ferris Wheel Ride
Mini Ferris Wheel Ride

Capacity: 20 persons
Diameter: 5m
Height: 6m
Voltage: 380v

Mini Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Mini pirate ship rides have the same structures to the big ones. The rides have attractive designs. Beautiful fences can protect the participants. The rides have different ornaments, such as animal shapes, trees, and the sun. The rides are full of joy but do not have any dangerous factors.

Mini Pirate Ship Ride
Mini Pirate Ship Ride

Capacity: 8~12
Area: 7 x 6m
Equipment size: 5 x 4m
Height: 3.5m
Voltage: 220/380V
Power: 4KW

Popular Mini Pendulum Rides

Mini pendulum rides are absorbing and exciting. The cabins connect with the central swivel arms. The swivel arms can swing back and forth so kids can try exciting movements. The swing angle of mini pendulum rides is small in order to protect children. With enough safety equipment, children can play these rides joyfully.

Mini Pendulum Ride For Sale
Mini Pendulum Ride For Sale

Fence: 6.5 * 5.5m
Equipment size: 4 * 4.5 m
Equipment height: 4.2m
Max running height:1.4m
Power:9.5 KW

Where to Buy High-quality Theme Park Equipment?

If you want to buy different types of amusement equipment, Beston Group is a smart choice. That’s because Beston theme park equipment for sale are very popular and they have a huge market. As the professional manufacturer and supplier of theme park equipment, our company has great advantages in many aspects. In terms of production, the production teams will adopt high-quality raw materials. Most of the rides adopt FRP materials, which are environmental, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Beston Group also has their own factory. They can provide products for customers directly. If buyers have any special requirements for sizes and designs, the design teams will give useful advice.

Advantages of Beston Group

  • Advanced workshops. Beston has the latest production equipment. They will choose the most advanced machine to produce amusement park rides in order to guarantee the quality. Meanwhile, their technicians have rich experience and are skillful.
  • Beautiful Environment. The company has clean and tidy working buildings. Besides, the company has convenient transportation. If you have time, welcome to visit Beston factory.
  • Efficient after-sale services. Beston Group always holds the value that best services are the essential points of cooperation. Their after-sale teams have professional knowledge about products and are ready to offer help for customers.
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